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La Brea, season 1 & 2

Our VAD (Virtual Art Department) environment work is prominently featured in 'La Brea,' spanning natural caverns, sci-fi interiors, and expansive green spaces. These environments were meticulously optimized for performance on one of the country's largest LED volumes, with our team overseeing Unreal Engine operations on set.


In collaboration with MELS Studios, we developed high-fidelity virtual production environments for the film 'Beau is Afraid,' featuring Joaquin Phoenix. Our work aimed to create realistic and immersive settings, leveraging advanced technology to enhance the film's visual quality and overall production.


We played a crucial role in producing Lexus' 'Effortless in Every Way' TV commercial and stills campaign for 2022. Their services covered pre-production, on-set, and post-production, utilizing camera-tracking technology and 3D compositing. The team seamlessly integrated three distinct environments into a single, sweeping shot, seamlessly merging the real (actor, Lexus) with the Unreal (digital environments)."


Ford – Bronco Sport Electric Launch

Our team met the real-time broadcast challenge by crafting custom 3D car models and unique natural environments for Ford's 2020 live product launch event. Serving as on-set specialists, we facilitated a smooth transition between physical and virtual vehicles in the studio, demonstrating the power of motion capture and virtual production technology in conveying brand identity through immersive and engaging presentations.


Volkswagen (TVC)

In collaboration with Holobay and Street Smart Media, our team created optimized environments for a groundbreaking Volkswagen product launch. The Virtual Production shoot, featuring brand ambassador Ewan McGregor, showcased the release of the new Electric I.D Buzz, delivering an innovative and exciting launch experience.


We produced multiple virtual environments and offered on-set direction for Masked Wolf's 'Astronaut in the Ocean' music video and pre-recorded performance, utilizing virtual production for cost and safety efficiency during the early days of the pandemic. The result was high-quality content suitable for US primetime broadcast.


Smart Sportz had a clear mission: develop a virtual sports platform using Unreal Engine, allowing real-time environment replacement within studio settings. In a brief period, they successfully designed an urban court that operated in real time, tracking and seamlessly placing players within the dynamic scene all at once.


Amidst COVID lockdowns, ZEDRun engaged our team to shoot a promotional video in just one day. During the second round of lockdowns, our team efficiently completed 21 shots across five virtual production locations on an LED volume within a single day, demonstrating our adaptability and skill.

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