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Dev Patel's real-time animated short film 'Roborovski' showcases a neglected hamster with a dual personality, seeking revenge on other animals. Using Unreal Engine, motion capture, and facial capture technology, we achieved real-time results, eliminating rendering delays. The film combines traditional animation, motion capture, and 2D sequences for dynamic storytelling. Additionally, the VR component provides an immersive experience with alternate perspectives on the narrative


In partnership with PROXI Studios, we embarked on a collaborative effort to construct precise digital doubles within Unreal Engine for the preproduction of 'Furiosa.' Working closely with director George Miller, we crafted previsualized stunt sequences for some of the film's most significant moments. This approach empowered George's creative vision and notably reduced on-set production time, optimizing the overall filmmaking process.


In the production of 'Elvis' by Warner Bros, Bazmark Films, and The Jackal Group, we collaborated with renowned production designer Catherine Martin. Our team closely partnered with Warner Bros to design environments for the VFX team, reimagining iconic film locations. Leveraging Unreal Engine streamlined post-production, aiding in meeting challenging deadlines.


For the movie 'Triple Frontier,' safety concerns in shooting in Bogeta led to the recreation of a small town in UE4 for stunt visualization and action planning, months before filming started. Sydney-based planning included mapping drone flight paths, relayed to local operators for data capture. This process generated a digital twin of the town, enabling detailed pre-visualization and saving significant costs on crew time and enhancing safety measures


In 'Tales of Aluna,' a children's animated TV series, we crafted toon-style 3D environments in Unreal Engine. We also engineered rendering tools for capturing background frames, crucial for traditional 2D animations. These groundbreaking advancements greatly expedited production, enhancing efficiency, and time savings.


The Stripy Sock Club, featured on ABC Kids and other global channels, is a children's TV program. 'Lah Lah's Stripy Sock Club' stars a lively singer aiding her comical band with music and invites kids and musicians to join in. Our team designed environments, directed, and used cutting-edge technology in collaboration with RMIT to shoot the series. They employed Unreal Engine, MoSys Tracking System, and Zero Density's Unreal capabilities for live compositing, saving traditional post-production time. It's the first Australian children's series to use this technology, resulting in an innovative, efficient, and fun global children's show delivered ahead of schedule and budget.

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