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We collaborated with CrisisCast to develop 'Project Tyrion', a VR training program for the British military, focusing on cultural sensitivity for deployment in Mali, Africa. We created high-fidelity digital humans, utilizing JALI technology for accurate facial animation and realistic performances. Our team designed all characters, environments, and gameplay systems, optimizing them for virtual reality within Unreal Engine, that accumulated in a 45 minute immersive cultural training experience. The project was highly successful, with over 1000 participants. 


We collaborated with Kiah and Tristan Roach-Turner of Guerilla Films to develop a custom VR experience based on their sci-fi film 'Nekrotronic.' We adapted the film's script, characters, and narrative into an interactive VR marketing tool. During the film shoot, we scanned key sets, characters, weapons, and props for real-time VR interaction. Our goal was to achieve photorealistic environments in VR, with a strong emphasis on spatial audio. The final result is a standalone VR experience that immerses users in the film's world, connecting them to the movie and its characters.


The Roache Turner Brothers, known for 'Nekrotronic' and 'Wyrmwood,' ventured into VR to expand on the 'Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead' TV series trailer. They utilized their film knowledge to craft a narrative connecting the trailer and series, turning character abilities into playable features. The project yielded photorealistic 3D environments for the TV show's post-production and enabled previsualization of complex settings. Extensive character development enhanced the world of 'Wyrmwood,' offering valuable insights for future production planning.


The 'Living Cave VR' project is a photorealistic VR experience designed to complement the Australian-produced 3D IMAX film 'Australia: The Wild Top End 3D.' Intended for museum exhibits, trade shows, and IMAX theatre lobbies worldwide, it immerses users in an indigenous living cave in remote Arnhem Land, Northern Australia. High-resolution photographs are stitched together to create a 3D model of the cave's interior, offering a close-to-reality experience of a culturally significant site that's otherwise challenging to access. With permission from traditional owner Charlie Mangulda, it serves as both a virtual travel experience and educational resource, allowing interaction with art and insights from traditional owners.


We were tasked with creating a VR experience for the 2019 Rugby World Cup to launch ASICS' newly designed brand jerseys. This experience, synchronized with the 'Move As One' campaign, immersed users in an ASICS 'Lab' where rugby players prepared for the World Cup. They received a guided narrative, detailing the jersey's design, research, and player-specific features. The experience culminated with users on the field, facing three rugby players rushing toward them, providing a thrilling and unique perspective on the World Cup challenges, closely tying into the jersey's launch.


Partnering with Tacmed Australia, we identified an opportunity to use Virtual Reality simulation to train and develop first responder skills in high threat / low-frequency events. Training is a vital element of police, ambulance, fire & rescue agencies. The ability to recreate complex and dangerous situations safely and consistently is a game-changer for first responders. 

The scenarios were modeled on real-life emergencies and were developed in Unreal Engine using a combination of motion capture, animation, and 3d rendering to recreate real paramedic tools and protocols. The simulations deliver a highly stressful and overwhelming experience designed to test the participants critical decision-making skills in a real-time environment. 

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