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Office Fight is a silly physics-based office destruction sim.   ​  You have been unfairly laid off by Mega Corp and the news kills you. Literally. But your restless ghost has unfinished business… REVENGE! Return to your office to unleash physics-based chaos by launching office equipment and starting epic ragdoll brawls among co-workers. Work sucks. Break stuff.


In collaboration with VHS our team was integral to the development of 'Human Park,' a blockchain multiplayer project. We harnessed the power of Unreal Engine to craft high-fidelity characters, immersive environments, and captivating gameplay. Our standout achievement was the seamless integration of blockchain technology into in-game elements like character customization, equipment, and collectibles, providing players with a distinctive and interactive gaming experience.


In 2019, the Atmosfear horror board game series ventured into the digital realm with a mobile and online app version. Our team was tasked with reimagining the iconic 'Gatekeeper' character, originally portrayed by an actor in makeup and prosthetics. We achieved a photo-realistic digital human model, utilizing real-time facial capture within Unreal Engine. This technology allowed us to film the actor's performance, track it with an iPhone X depth sensor, and animate the character in real time. The project yielded over 290 distinct animated clips of the reimagined Gatekeeper for the app, as well as highly detailed images for marketing, packaging, and social media promotion.


With years of knowledge and wisdom the team behind Fenix Studios partook in the opportunity to use Epic Games' new creative toolset; "UEFN". Harnessing our abundance of experiences, we mass-rapidly produced a plethora of game modes within Fortnite's eco system. 

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