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Rick's passion for art, technology, science and storytelling has taken him on an ever evolving journey to grow his creative and technical abilities across multiple mediums. 

Having started a career in animation at Walt Disney Animation in 2001, cutting his teeth on some of Disney’s most recognisable I.P including The Lion King, Jungle Book and Lilo & Stitch, Rick progressed his technical and creative abilities by retraining as a cinematographer. Working in film production gave him a thorough understanding of the pipelines needed and how integral it is to delivering a concept from idea to completion. After working on numerous Commercials, Films and  TV shows, he transitioned back into 3D design and creative directing for agencies and design studios. In early 2016 Rick founded “Spectre Studios” with Mark Grentell, establishing Australia’s first Unreal Engine based Virtual Reality company specializing in storytelling that lead to the creation of the company “Emergisim VR” as a stand alone First Responder focused VR company. In 2017 he was part of the team that brought real time Virtual Production capabilities to the Hollywood blockbuster X-men The Dark Phoenix. This was a world's first and was a perfect combination of his background in animation, cinematography and 3D realtime work.

With a passion for storytelling and game development, Rick and his team are on a mission to leverage their collective experience to create fun casual games and develop new innovative I.P.

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